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What are natural carbonated springs?

What is special about Hida-osaka’s springs?

All natural springs at Hida-osaka are highly carbonated springs. There springs are also drinkable. Among them, Yuya onsen is a long-established onsen (hot spring), with a history of about 400 years according to documents from the Edo period. Its water is drinkable and the onsen is well-known for its healing powers since its establishement. Yuya onsen is a highly carbonated spring with a long history where locals have passed down Toji culture (hot spring therapeutic use).


What benefits do carbonated springs at Hida-osaka offer?

Cure your stomach problems!

Carbonated springs at Hida-osaka have been considered as a stomach medicine since old times. They can help ease your constipation or enteropathy. The water may not be easy to drink due to its metallic taste, but you can use it for cooking. For example, when you cook tofu or rice with it, these ingredients will become softer and more delicious!

Enhance your skin!

Carbonated springs at Hida-osaka are slightly acidic. Among their ingredients are sodium bicarbonate, which has high-cleansing power for your skin, and ions such as sodium and magnesium to make your skin resilient, smooth, and soft.

“*These effects differ from person to person.*In case when undesirable symptom appear, you should avoid bathing in or drinking the carbonated water.”

“*The ingredients of the springs are below:Spring No. 3 at Tougenkan (Onsen facility & inn) Carbon dioxide containing-sodium-hydrogen carbonate-chloride springsIndication: chronic digestive disease, chronic constipation, diabetes, gout, kidney disease, etc.Contraindication: kidney disease, high blood pressure, swelling such as edema, etc.”

Let’s compare water from two different onsen sites by drinking!

Yuya Onsen&Shitajima Onsen

Enjoy Hida-osaka’s natural carbonated spring by both drinking and bathing!

Easy access is available from the Road Station Hanamomo to Himeshaga-no-yu and from Himeshaga-no-yu to Yuya Onsen (both takes about 5 minutes by car), even though visiting these places is possible as a day trip! Unfortunately, bathing for one-day trip visitors is not possible in Yuya Onsen. However, it is possible in Himeshaga-no-yu. In addition, you can access the popular tourist site Gandate Park within one minute from Himeshaga-no-yu. There, you can enjoy waterfall walking trails. The shortest one will take about 30 minutes. Why don’t you enjoy carbonated springs full of negative ions!

Stay Hida-osaka and enjoy its attractions thoroughly!

Please stay at a Japanese-style inn at Hida-osaka and enjoy bathing in four distinctive natural carbonated springs and eating delicious local dishes. You can have popular local specialties, including melt-in-your-mouth tofu and rice porridge cooked with carbonated spring water, as well as Hida-beef and freshwater fish. Why don’t you relax and enjoy natural carbonated springs that underline both the inner and the outer beauty at Hida-osaka.


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