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Privacy Policy

Hida-osaka Tourist Association (hereinafter referred to as ‘we’) takes it very seriously to ensure the safety and confidentiality of the personal information that we receive from our customers. We handle and manage it, based on the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (in effect since 1 April 2005), as follows:

1) Management of personal information related to our business.

  1. We shall properly handle customers’ personal information that we received through any channel (hereinafter referred to as ‘the personal information’) in order to protect inappropriate access by or disclosure to third parties.
  2. We shall not provide the personal information to third parties without the customer’s consent.
  3. We shall use the personal information to reply to inquiries, to provide information to tour or event participants, and to operate our business smoothly. We may keep the personal information after the tour or event in order to inform customers of upcoming related events. However, we shall offer our customers methods to refuse this. If our customers (the guardian in case of the customer being under age) requests this, we shall remove the customer’s information immediately.

2) Management of personal information received from collaborating businesses.

  1. We shall use the personal information that we received from collaborating businesses, such as government offices or private institutions, in order to operate our business smoothly, for example when hosting a lecture. We shall neither use such personal information for any other purpose, nor provide it to third parties.

3) Management of personal images, related to our business and collaborating businesses.

  1. We sometimes take photos at our events for our records and for public relation purposes. We may provide these photos to third parties when introducing our activities. We shall consider the portrait rights when taking photos that include people. We also shall ask for permission before photographing and clarify that the person can refuse it. If the person (the guardian in case of the customer being under age) requests the refusal, we shall not take photos that include the person or not use these photos, except for group photos or photos that don’t show the person clearly. We shall use our photos for public relation activities, such as publication in newspapers, magazines, websites, and brochures, only when we receive the permission. Photos that are taken during events with collaborators, will be made available to them right away and we shall confirm that the copyright of these photos belongs to the collaborators. We shall ask collaborators for permission when we use these photos for our brochures and other publications. We shall follow Articles 2 and 3 from above regarding the management of personal images.