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Tourist Attraction

  • Geopark


    Hida-osaka holds a wide range of distinctive topographical features, such as a lava flow formed about 54,000 years ago. Why don't you refresh your body and mind by letting your five senses heal in this natural environment?

  • Carbonated Springs

    Carbonated Springs

    Onsen (hot springs) in Hida-osaka are famous as one of the highest natural carbonated springs in Japan. These onsen offer plenty of health benefits and locals have loved them since the Edo period (1603-1868). Please enjoy all benefits that Hida-osaka’s springs offer by drinking, bathing, and eating.

  • Mt.Ontake


    The spacious mountaintop of Mt. Ontake stretches for 4 km straight from north to south. While its south side presents a desolate landscape covered with sand and gravel, its north side from Marishitensan peak showcases beautiful land with rich nature, such as springs, flowers, and verdure. This area is known as Tougenkyou (Peach Blossom Land).

  • Hida-Osaka Falls

    Hida-Osaka Falls

    Hida-osaka holds 216 waterfalls with a height of more than 5 meters and became known as the town with the most waterfalls in Japan. You can enjoy unique waterfall walking trails with different levels, from easy-hiking trails to experienced climbing trails requiring full-body climbing gears, all year around.