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Hida-Osaka Waterfalls Walking Trip

[Time Period] Mid-April to late-November
[Best Season] Late-April to late-May for greenery, and early- to mid- November for fall foliage


“Check-in is typically at 3 pm. If you arrive earlier, you should definitely visit different carbonated springs. Each Japanese-style inn has its own spring source, so the water at each one tastes differently, too. If you are keen to visit famous sightseeing spots, take a walk around Hida-takayama or GeroOnsen. We recommend that you stay at an inn with a carbonated spring at Yuya or ShitajimaOnsen. You can fully enjoy Toji (hot spring therapy) by drinking and bathing in the water. Unwind and relax from your everyday routine at these Onsens!”


Please check here for access information to Hida-Osaka. If you come by train,
pick-up services are available from JR Hida-osaka Station to your accommodation.
(For details, please contact each hotel directly when making your reservation.)

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Hida-Osaka Falls

Hida-Osaka Falls

“Depart at 9:30 am. Start with Mitsudaki Waterfalls Trail, because it is an easy walking trail. Anyone in comfortable shoes and clothes can enjoy walking this trail. From Gandate Park, walk for a short 10 minutes along the refreshing Mitsudaki walking trail. Then, you will see a dynamic three-tiered waterfall. This well-maintained trail always offers a relaxed atmosphere, full of negative ions.”


Guided tour on Hida-Osaka Falls

If you want to fully enjoy Hida-Osaka’s waterfalls trails, it is recommended to join a guided tour! This fascinating guided tour is full of natural science facts and stories about Osaka’s history.

Official site of Hida-Osaka Falls


“Walk further along the wooded trail toward the upstream of the gorge for about one hour; then, you will see two waterfalls: Karatanidaki and Akaganetoyo. At the base of the Akaganetoyo waterfall, you can observe the water’s mysterious emerald green color. Karatanidaki waterfall has a dynamic drop-down with powerful splashing sounds. Its power will definitely take your breath away! If you are lucky, you will see a rainbow over the waterfall. It is recommended to spend time at waterfalls all morning so that you have enough time to enjoy each of the waterfalls. (Estimated Time: about 3 hours. Distance of round trip: 5 kilometers)”



“Arrive at 11:30. Have lunch at Gandatechaya in Gandate Park. Its famous specialty is anago-tenpura (deep-fried conger eel in batter). The restaurant staff will take a fresh conger eel out of the water tank and prepare it for you. Other recommended dishes are its specialty Gandate ramen (Chinese noodles) and iwana-don (a bowl of rice with broiled charr on top).”


Open only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from June 1, 2024

“Arrive at 13:00. After lunch, walk 900 meters downstream from Gandate Park. You will get to Himeshaya-no-yu, where you can bath in and drink carbonated spring water. Please compare the water to the one that you had at the inn last night by bathing and drinking. You will be amazed by their differences.”