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Osaka no Ouchi, a private lodging in an old private house


64 Yuya Osakacho Gero, Gifu Japan

A self-catering guest house where you can stay at a reasonable price in a stately old private house from the Edo period (built in 1800, over 180 years ago). In the private kitchen fully equipped with cooking utensils and tableware, you can prepare soul food such as Keichan, Yakiniku, mineral spring tofu, and charcoal-grilled river fish. 3 minutes by car to day trip hot spring Himeshaganoyu. The cat manager Momo and the goat family who are salespeople are also popular.

Osaka no Yado Sando


714-1 Akanta Osakacho Gero, Gifu Japan

Sando, a fish inn with a nostalgic atmosphere that makes you feel like you’ve come to your grandmother’s house in the countryside. The owner, who knows Kosaka thoroughly, will teach you many ways to enjoy Hida-Osaka’s nature, such as picking wild vegetables in the spring, fishing for sweetfish in the Osaka River in the summer, and picking mushrooms in the fall.

Hida-Osaka Fureai no Mori Campsite


273-1 Yuya Osakacho Gero, Gifu Japan

A campsite surrounded by nature with 7 bungalows and 4 log houses filled with the warmth of wood.
Approximately 40 minutes from Gero Onsen and Takayama city area.
Adults and children alike can enjoy the “Play Tenkomori” with smiles.

Nearby, you can enjoy mountain stream fishing, river play, waterfall tours, and highly concentrated natural carbonated springs.
A location surrounded by a forest rich in nature, with a clear stream flowing right in front of you that is home to natural river fish!
Rental equipment is also available. Beginners to camping are welcome. Day trip BBQ is also available.
You can spend a relaxing time with the whole family.

Nigorigo Onsen Lodge


2376-1 Nigorigoonnsen Ochiai Osakacho Gero, Gifu Japan

Chef’s special meals and hot springs.
A luxurious inn surrounded by nature, where time passes slowly.



Ochiai Nigorigo Onsen, Osaka-cho, Gero City

Japan’s highest hot spring inn nestled in the heart of the sacred mountain, Mt. Ontake.
Would you like to be healed by the hot springs flowing directly from the source while being surrounded by nature?



Ochiai Nigorigo Onsen, Osaka-cho, Gero City

We are proud of our Mitake hot pot dishes, shishi hot pot dishes, and handmade hoba miso.
Nigorigo Onsen is the highest natural hot spring in Japan at an altitude of 1800m.
You can easily visit the Hi-no-taki Falls, and there is also a trailhead at Hidaguchi of Mt. Ontake.



Ochiai Nigorigo Onsen, Osaka-cho, Gero City

Members who protect Japan’s secret hot springs Private large open-air bath
The majestic bosom of Utaki,
Please spend a moment in the “warmth” of great nature.
Two types of hot springs are available for bathing at any time.

Nico Nico Sou


457 Yuya, Osaka-cho, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture

Carbonated springs that are good to soak in, drink, and eat. Osaka is proud of this inn where you can be healed by the highly concentrated natural carbonated springs, which are rare in Japan, and put a smile on your face.



427-1 Yuya, Kosakamachi, Gero City

An inn run by the Society for Protecting Japan’s Secret Hot Springs, where you can enjoy tranquility surrounded by abundant nature.
Since ancient times, it has been said that “carbonated springs are better than stomach medicine,” and by drinking the carbonated springs, you can feel the effects from within your body.We use the carbonated springs in our original source cocktails and dishes for aperitifs.
Enjoy a quiet and relaxing time with your loved ones while being soothed by nature and the clear stream that can be seen at the bottom of the river.



572 Yuya, Kosakamachi, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture

A historical inn related to the opening of Yuya Onsen. Our handmade soba noodles are made with home-grown soba noodles that are freshly ground, freshly made, and freshly boiled. The perilla soba noodles are also popular.



1686 Ochiai, Osaka-cho, Gero City

Salt-grilled char has a light flavor without any bitterness.
Enjoy wild vegetables in spring, shimeji mushrooms in autumn, and a hot carbonated hot pot in winter. This is a carbonated spring inn that boasts a valley open-air bath and the proprietress’ home-cooked meals.